A Machine Love Story

She’s the prototype, and he the replica.
She’s made to question the world; he’s made to tell stories of its people.
She has dark eyes like bottomless pools of still water; he has eyes in a green so brilliant that it hurts to look at them.
She makes mistakes that must be corrected; he makes mistakes that should be preserved.
Her screws turn clockwise; his screws turn anti-clockwise.
She takes four days to recharge; he takes two hours.
She has 563 machine parts; he has 1125, not counting the attachable eagle wings.
Her head doesn’t turn; his turns 360 degrees.
She speaks 5 languages; he speaks 54, and soon he will have animal speeches installed.
When she eats, she needs to be told when to stop; when he eats, he needs to be told when to begin.
She curtsies; he bows.
The Professor tells the Maker that she should not be punished; the Professor tells the Maker that he cannot be punished.
Her life span is two years; his is a century.
She’s the prototype, and he the replica.

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